We Know Which Ones

Every day of our lives, we’re faced with challenges. They seem to come at us from all sides; a non-stop, constant, unrelenting number of items to add to our to-do list.

We’re left running around like crazy, trying to come up with workable solutions to “problems” that really don’t matter that much.

The challenge is not figuring out how to do them all. That’s impossible. There’s not enough time in the day to cover everything that gets thrown at us; and, in reality, most of it really isn’t that important anyway.

No, the real challenge is figuring out which of those things really matter. Which are the real challenges, the ones that will have the biggest impact, the ones that will determine our future trajectory, the ones that carry the most weight.

We know which ones they are.

It’s likely that they’re the ones we’re avoiding by doing all those other things that really don’t matter.

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