Love It or Not

Do we still love what it is we do?

It’s a question that, eventually, we’ll all face.

If our answer is “no”, then we’ve got to decide what we’re going to do about it.

If what we do is still paying the bills, so to speak, then the answer might not be to do something different. The answer may be to figure out how to challenge ourselves. Maybe we figure out a way to make what we do more exciting: change it up, try something different, take on a more demanding role.

Maybe we find a way to do something novel to do outside the workplace: find a new hobby that interests us, take a class that will broaden our horizons, or finally develop that skill we’ve always wanted to have but never thought achievable.

The possibilities are endless; the world is our oyster. These days, we can do almost anything we want.

And if we still love what we do?

We can do some of those things anyway; we should be thankful. We get to do what we love.

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