No More, No Less

Too many business owners are of the opinion that they should be giving the customer exactly what they’re paying for, no more, no less. They’re strongly opposed to giving any more than they’re contractually obligated to provide.

You want it, you got it.

But is this the best way to build a business?

Stop and think about our own experiences. If we’ve ever had a sit-down dinner in a restaurant and the waiter brought us something we didn’t expect (we didn’t order it and didn’t have to pay for it), how did that make us feel? Did it change our opinion of that restaurant? Did we leave them a glowing review on social media? Do we now return there for dinner on a regular basis?

The odds are that a small gesture like that, even something as simple as a $7 desert provided “on the house”, had a large impact on our happiness and (by extension) the likelihood that we’ll patronize that same restaurant in the future.

If we think about it from a marketing standpoint, that’s likely the best $7 ever spent by that restaurant on marketing. They couldn’t spend $7 on anything else that would’ve provided a better return on their investment.

So why are we so opposed to giving a little bit more to our clients?

Seems like easy math to me.

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