On Being Too Nice

We’re all too nice.

We’re hard-wired to want to please other people, so we often end up saying yes to too many things. Requests of our time. Items that land in our inbox. Small jobs that eat up way too much time for too little gain. Can you do me a favor, this one little thing, would you do this for me, just this one time… and we end up saying yes because it’s what we do.

We’re all too nice.

If we’d just stop for one second, paused before we accept our next mission, and think about things for a little while, we may be able to be a little nicer to ourselves instead of always saying yes to somebody else.

Remember, when we say yes to one thing it means that we’re saying no to something else.

Are we making the most effective use of our time, or are we just being too nice?

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.

Warren Buffet

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