Are you a member?

Maybe our home inspection software is subscription based, where we pay each month (or each year) to use it. Maybe we subscribe to a membership-based newsletter, where we pay each month to receive emails that educate us on a specific topic. Or maybe we pay Netflix each month for the right to consume their digital content. (And no, I’m not sitting around watching Netflix while I should be working…)

Membership sites are always focused on increasing customer satisfaction so they reduce their churn (the number of members that cancel their subscription each month). To do this, they’re constantly asking for input from their members.

How do you like this?

Is there anything we can do to make it better?

What would you like to see offered on our service?

Collecting feedback from their customers, figuring out what most people want, and acting on that knowledge is what allows membership sites to grow and thrive.

If it’s working for these big companies, shouldn’t we be stealing their idea and using it to improve our own business?

The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.

John Russell

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