Don’t Drop the Meat

All too often, we get mad at other people for things that are entirely our fault. No one likes to accept responsibility; it’s hard, it’s embarrassing, and it means that we’ve failed to meet our goals.

It’s much easier to try to blame it on someone else.

Like when we accidently drop an expensive steak on the floor and the dog quickly grabs it and scarfs it down. We love to scream at the dog for doing what it’s wired to do: be a dog. But it’s much easier to vent our frustrations at the dog than to admit that we screwed up.

Likewise, we shouldn’t be upset when a client does what a client is wired to do: get mad, start bitching, and demand their money back.

If we would have done things right the first time, there wouldn’t have been anything lying around on the floor waiting for them to swoop in.

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