The Ones That Matter

In today’s always on, interconnected world, it’s pretty easy for us to ask for (and get) feedback from our customers.

Ask (or sometimes you don’t even have to ask) and ye shall receive.

But what do we do with that feedback? What’s the point of all that information?

Lots of times, the customers that take the time to leave us a review are kind enough to give us praise. They tell us how much they liked us, how helpful we were, or how great a job we did.

Thank you!

But what about the other people? The ones who weren’t so kind. The ones who said things we didn’t really want to hear.

Maybe those are the ones who really matter. Maybe those are the ones telling us the things we need to hear. The stuff we probably already know, but just don’t want to think about.

Maybe those people are the ones who care enough to tell us the truth. Not the ones who just have an ax to grind, but the ones that took their valuable time to suggest that we do something to make our business better.

Maybe those are the people we should really be thanking… and listening to.

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Thanks, Joe

pic of me, Joseph Cook Jr, home inspector