Many, Many People

Starting a new business is hard. We all want hundreds of clients right off the bat. Many, many people to pay us for our product, our expertise, and our passion.

The problem is that we can’t effectively market to many, many people when we’re just starting out; when we’re a nobody.

So, what’s our alternative?

How about marketing to just a few people?

It’s quite likely that we know a few people, maybe 5 or 10, that fall right in our sweet spot. 5 or 10 people that are either potential customers or can introduce us to potential customers. If we can get these few people to sit down and listen to our pitch, then we’re well on our way.

If we’re doing something right, then we’ve got some new customers (and if we’re really doing something right, they’re gonna spread the word and we’ll have many, many new customers)!

And if we don’t end up convincing them they should be our customers?

Then we need to go back to the drawing board and come up with something better.

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