Get Lucky

Luck plays a bigger role in our success than we’d like to believe.

When I started in the home inspection industry, I got in when things were just starting to blow up. That was luck.

When I was marketing in that real estate office, an agent just got a purchase agreement signed and her normal home inspector was on vacation (and I happened to be standing right next to her desk when all this all happened, asking if anyone needed a home inspector.) That was luck.

The agent happened to be an experienced professional, with a lot of influence in her office, and I was able to make a good impression on her (which resulted in her telling other agents about me.) Luck again.

Sometimes we’re just in the right place at the right time. It’s nothing we did (even though we want to believe it was all us.) Yes, we had to have the ability to take advantage of those breaks, but the fact that we lucked into the break was just that, luck.

So, maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves when things aren’t going our way. Maybe it’s just that we haven’t lucked out yet.

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