Looking for That One

Starting something new, like a new business, can be frustrating. We try to pitch our idea, our service, or our product, but most people we encounter have no real interest in listening to us.

If we walk into each interaction with the belief that we’re great, our product is great, our service is great, and everyone is going to love us, then we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment. It’s better that we approach each situation knowing that not everyone is going to love us and what it is we’re offering.

We’re only looking for that one person. The individual that our product is for. The person that our product resonates with. The human being that appreciates what it is we’re trying to do.

If we take this approach, we’re able to come into each interaction with a different attitude and a better mindset, knowing that while we’re not going to close every customer, occasionally we’ll find one whose values align with ours.

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