Shut Up and Listen

We’ve accumulated a lot of knowledge over the years, especially when it comes to what we do for a living.

Truth be told, we know a lot of stuff.

The temptation that comes along with that much knowledge is to overshare. Our brain feels like it’s overflowing with wisdom, and we feel compelled to bless our clients with our wonderous insight.

Yes, our customers hired us for exactly that fact: because we know what the hell we’re taking about. But, in order to provide a quality product to our clientele, there are times when we just need to stop talking.

Most of our customers are going to have questions, perspectives, and ideas that they want to share, and they can’t do that effectively if we don’t shut our trap.

Everyone wants to feel like they’ve been heard. Everyone wants to know that they’re important. Everyone wants to be told that their insight matters, and they’re apt to feel disappointed if those needs aren’t met.

While it’s certainly hard to keep our mouth shut sometimes, quite often it’s the easiest way to satisfy our customers and provide good service.

We should try it more often.

Not everyone is looking an an answer; often people just want to be heard.

Laurie Buchanan, PhD

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