Lifelong Dividends

Most of us understand that education is necessary if we want to succeed. If we spend time to learn something that’s valuable, then, through our acquired knowledge, we become more valuable. We go to school to be able to get the degree, the skill, or the job that we want.

But, what happens once we’re done, after we’ve achieved our goal? Once we’re in that prized position, many of us forget about education altogether. I’m already here, we think, I don’t need to learn anything new.

It’s pretty shortsighted to think that we already know enough to get by, and that we don’t need to keep learning.

Pushing the boundaries of our knowledge is always a good thing, and any investment we make in furthering our education is sure to pay lifelong dividends. We’ll always be able to use whatever new information or skills we acquire.

Unless, that is, we’re simply looking to get by…

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