We mistakenly think that being a leader means that we’re able to get everyone on the same page, all pulling in the same direction at the same time.

But that’s simply not true. We’ll never be able to convince everyone that one way is the best.

Being a leader means trying to do something different. It means trying to do something that we think is going to be better than how it’s done now. It means trying to do something that may or may not work out like we hope.

And it means doing things even though some people are going to be in favor of maintaining the status quo.

Being a good leader means that we’re able to get things done, and move things forward, even though we’re faced with resistance. That resistance may come from others, or it may come from within.

A good leader leads, regardless.

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  1. Joe, you are spot on and there are a couple more attributes of a good leader.

    Teaching you employees how to do a job and then letting / expecting them do it. Micromanaging your people is a huge moral killer. Improvements come from free thinking..

    A good leader knows in order to grow his business, his employees need to grow too. A good leader trains his employees to take his place so he or she can do more.

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      Hey Craig,

      Thanks for the comment. You make some excellent points. It’s a fine line to walk when you’re a leader in your business. Some business owners are hesitant to see their employees grow, as they think that means that they’ll leave the fold and become competition for their business. But, IMO there’s only two ways to approach your employees: you either help them grow into someone capable of leading their own business, treat them well, and hope they stay with you or you keep them in the dark and they remain so out of the loop that you really don’t want them working for you anyway.

      Be safe, Joe

  2. Being a leader also means recognizing and fostering leadership skills in others. We see this so often in the athletic field. A great coach can encourage a player who has the character and aptitude to lead his or her fellow teammates to victory. As a former high school teacher, I always felt a sense of pride when one of my students took on a leadership role of helping fellow classmates with a lesson or activity. A great leader is not intimated by prospective rival leaders. In fact, a great leader breeds leaders to carry on his work.

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      Hey Scott,

      Thanks for the comment. I agree wholeheartedly! Instead of holding our employees back in hopes of keeping them working for us forever, we should be helping them to grow. It should make us proud when one of them opens their own business. It means we did a good job as a leader and educator. Yes, it hurts when someone you’ve invested so much into leaves the company. It can take some time go get over that feeling, as we all have to deal with our own delicate feelings and egos. But in the end, to borrow from your sports analogy, players want to play for coaches that are going to help advance their careers. When you’re training your employees well enough that they can open their own business, you’ll never have trouble replacing anyone that leaves with a quality new recruit.

      Stay safe, Joe

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