Who Knew?

It’s a common mistake of new business owners: trying to reach everyone. We figure that the more people we get in front of, the better our chances.

But it’s impossible to connect with every single person in your market. One, we don’t have the time (or money) and two, there’s no possible way that we can make a connection with every potential client.

What if, instead of spreading ourselves way too thin, we concentrated instead on just ten people? We’ve got time to connect with ten potential clients: get to know them, develop a relationship, understand their needs, and figure out the best way to serve them.

And if we can do that successfully, really wowing them in the process, the odds are that they’re going to let their friends know about how great we were, exponentially growing our client base in the process.

Working real hard to dazzle a few people while ignoring everyone else; who knew?

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