Exercising Judgement

“Judgment—the ability to combine personal qualities with relevant knowledge and experience to form opinions and make decisions—is the core of exemplary leadership,” according to Noel Tichy and Warren Bennis in their book Judgment: How Winning Leaders Make Great Calls.

In today’s world, it’s not too often we’re called upon to exercise our judgement.

The companies we work for, the organizations we belong to, the entities we’re governed by, all have numerous scripts, rules, and procedures that we’re supposed to follow. There’s very little personal responsibility involved.

I’m just doing my job has become our default mantra. The worker at the big box store couldn’t care less about the problem you’re having. There’s nothing in the manual that covers your situation.

If we want to stand out from the crowd, if we want to make a difference, if we want to do something worth remembering (and telling others about), then we’ve got to move past the rules and exercise some judgement.

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