Jockeying for Position

It seems that much of our life is spent jockeying for position, trying to figure out who’s more important than the other person in our daily interactions; struggling to determine our status roles in each one of our relationships.

We all like to think that things would be better if we were in charge of every situation. But the reality is that there are times when it’s important to abdicate that role to someone else. For example, when we go to see our health care provider, it’s a smart move to allow our doctor to assume the higher status role in our relationship.

Unfortunately, many of us have difficulty abdicating the position of top dog. We find it difficult to allow someone else to hold that higher status role. Figuring out when and when not to act like we’re the most important person in a relationship is an acquired skill and something that not everyone can grasp.

While running our business (and our life), it’s sometimes important to assume the top role, and other times we need to allow someone else to play that part. The best leaders have the ability to move back and forth between these roles, knowing when to take charge and when to step back and let others take command.

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