Do I Have To Be a Jerk?

Many successful business owners couldn’t care less about the people they serve. They don’t take time to talk to them. They won’t slow down to ask any questions. They aren’t worried a bit about their fears, wants, or needs. They don’t treat them like another person, simply as another paycheck.

We may wonder how they ever got to be successful acting like this toward their customers. It’s likely that they were simply in the right place at the right time. They were probably lucky enough to find a few clients desperate for the services they provided. Those buyers almost certainly needed what they were selling so badly that they overlooked their crass nature and worked with them anyway.

It’s true that we can grow our business by building empathy and caring about our clients, or we can be jerks and still (likely) make money. Both ways can work, but the first way leaves us feeling a whole lot better about ourselves.

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