That’s the Fact, Jack

Conspiracy theories are all the rage right now.

People love them. They prey on our need to easily understand things in a difficult-to-understand world. They often (but not always) contain some semblance of fact, but not enough that they can be proven to be true. And the people that believe in them don’t care whether or not they’re legitimate, they’re just looking for some explanation to issues they don’t understand and (generally) don’t care enough about (or aren’t capable of) understanding.

Facts are different. Facts hold up to the scrutiny of the scientific process. Facts can be proven. Facts are based in reality. Facts are facts.

When we start using conspiracy theories to start deluding ourselves about our own inadequacies, that’s when we start getting into trouble.

I can’t get any business because they don’t like me.

My competitors are giving it away; I just can’t compete.

The universe is conspiring against me.

Seth Godin said “Reality doesn’t care whether or not we believe in it.” But if we want to succeed, we better start looking for the facts.

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