It’s All Marketing

Customer experience is the new marketing.

Steve Cannon

It’s easy to forget, but our customers come into contact with our brand in a myriad of ways. Our website, emails, text messages, DMs, social media posts, physical marketing products, phone messages, and (especially) the product that we deliver. Our mark is all over everything we do.

It’s not enough to simply do it well anymore. We’ve got to excel. We’ve got to deliver a customer experience that’s real, professional, connected, and flawless.

We can have an outstanding presence, and one poorly formatted email can make us look bush league. One wrong hyperlink in a social post and we’re incompetent. One phone message using the wrong name and we can just hang it up.

We’ve got to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Because, in today’s world, it’s all marketing.

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