Getting Them Involved

Lots of people like to feel involved; like they contributed something; like they played a part (even if it’s a small part) in the finished product.

That’s why lots of things that we buy have a few tiny steps that need to be finished (by us) before we can start using our new product. The manufacturer could have easily completed those last few actions themselves, but they know the positive implications of customer contribution. It make us feel like we had a role in the creation of the thing that someone else made for us. It gives us some pride of ownership.

Providing this valuable “pride of ownership” can be a hard thing to achieve when we’re running a service business. We’re the ones doing everything, so what can we do to make sure our clients feel involved?

It could be something as simple as talking to them, asking questions to gain some input from them regarding the job. We could involve them digitally, with texts and emails, searching for direction that way. Or it could happen after the fact, having them take additional steps to garner more information or merely asking them for feedback.

There are many different ways we can work to get our clients more involved in the process, helping them to develop that pride of ownership that often leads to higher customer satisfaction rates and fewer problems for our business.

Ask more questions. We may be surprised by the benefits of the answers.

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