Business In an Instant

Business owners will do anything for attention. Attention, we’re told, builds brands. The more eyes we can get on our business, the more business we’ll have.

Look at me, will you!

But there’s a fine line that we’ve got to be aware of; a threshold that we don’t want to cross.

We don’t want to be seen as selling out for the almighty dollar.

It’s quite likely that we’ve all worked long and hard to develop trust in our brand. Doing the hard work. Keeping on the straight and narrow. Making sure we do the right thing by our clients.

And we can loose that trust in an instant with a soulless attention grab.


Show me the money!

It’s so tempting to do it, just for a little while, so we can grab some of that valuable attention.

Shortcuts have always been with us, and they’ve never going away. They’re quick, they’re easy, and they often seem to produce instant gratification.

But building our brand didn’t happen overnight. Quite often, it’s a long and winding road to gain the trust of our customers.

We didn’t build our business in an instant, but we sure can lose it that fast.

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