An Important Question

Many people I know (including myself) have some great ideas on how to make their businesses better, but they never get around to implementing them. Something’s always getting in the way, and that something is usually fear. Mostly, fear about what other people are going to think.

We resist trying something new, doing something different, stepping out from the crowd, because we’re afraid of being judged. We’re frightened by the fact that someone else is going to criticize us. When, in reality, we really don’t matter that much.

We’re not as important as we think we are.

People are not sitting around, watching our every move. We’re not front and center on everyone’s radar. Our lives and antics are not being monitored by every person we know, and they’re not standing by, waiting for us to do something out of the ordinary so that they can call us out for all the world to see!

Face it, we really don’t matter that much.

Everyone else is just as preoccupied with their own lives (and their own fears) as we are, so whatever we choose to do probably won’t even register beyond our own field of view.

If we’re using fear as an excuse to hold us back, we need to stop and ask ourselves an important question: “What is it that I’m really afraid of?”

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