It’s My Hobby

It’s pretty safe to say that everyone has a hobby. We probably don’t rise to the level of “artist” in these pastimes; they’re simply the things that we do on our own time for enjoyment and pleasure.

Our hobbies, which we like doing, are different from our work.

We can stop doing our hobby any time we want to, and there’s no negative consequences. We haven’t promised anything to anyone else; it’s just our hobby. We’re simply doing it for ourselves.

Contrast that with our work, where we’ve promised a certain result – be it a product, an idea, or an outcome – to someone else. Our work normally doesn’t give us the same level of enjoyment and pleasure as our hobbies.

The true artist is that rare person who can derive that same hobby-like level of pleasure from the things that they’re doing for someone else.

We should all strive to be an artist.

Just for the fun of it.

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