Avoiding Headaches

The longer we work at something, like our jobs, the more proficient we become. We learn all the ins and outs, and it’s often said that people like this could do their job in their sleep. We’re knowledgeable, and can spout off the jargon of our industry with the best of them. We speak the language of our business.

But, we’ve got to remember that we’re working for our clients, not ourselves. We may know all the technical terms of our industry, but our customers don’t. While we may think it’s impressive to use all those big words, it can often leave our clients feeling confused and inadequate. They were expecting a product that they could use, and instead are left disappointed and frustrated as we talk over their heads.

We’ve got to remember that our products are going to be seen and heard by a diverse audience, and most of them aren’t going to have our expertise (that’s why they’re paying us, because we’re the ones with the expertise!) We need to make sure that the information we’re presenting can be understood by everyone out there, no matter their education or experience level.

If our clients cannot understand what it is we’re trying to present to them, we’re setting ourselves up for nothing but future headaches (and disappointed customers).

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