House Bill No. 342 (HLS 23RS-244)

This page is being provided to give you information regarding the upcoming LA House Bill No. 342. If you oppose the idea of LA home contractors becoming home inspectors without going through all the currently required training, please use this information to reach out to your LA State Representative and let them know that you oppose HB 342.

Letter to Committee Members

Honored Representative,

In reference to House Bill No. 342 (HLS 23RS-244) filed by Rep. Geymenn for the La. State Contractors:

The intent of this bill is to change the current La. Home Inspection licensing law (LA Rev Stat § 37:1477 (2021)) to lessen the amount of training required for La. “licensed home contractors” to obtain their La. home inspection license.

This bill seems counterintuitive, as lessening the amount of training needed to become a home inspector would only serve to weaken the current licensing law (LA Title 37; Chapter 17-A § 37:1472), which “require(s) qualifying criteria in a professional field in which unqualified individuals may injure or mislead the public… (to) contribute to the safety, health, and welfare of the people of this state.”

To become a “licensed home contractor” in the state of Louisiana requires no formal training; simply filling out an online application, obtaining insurance, and paying the $75 fee qualifies anyone to become a home improvement contractor. To allow someone without any formal training to bypass any portion of the home inspection training requirements already established in law seems to go against the intent of our current licensing law. Incidentally, LA licensed engineers and architects, who go through a much more rigorous training program than home contractors, have no exceptions and must complete all the home inspection training steps outlined in the law.

Ironically, the vast majority of the problems discovered by home inspectors are the result of contractors not performing their jobs in accordance with current standards. It seems counterintuitive that, as a state, we’d allow these same contractors the ability to “police their own work” without the same level of training required of our current professional home inspectors.

I respectfully ask, for the sake of “the safety, health, and welfare of the people of this state,” that you vote against approval of House Bill No. 342 (HLS 23RS-244).


                                                                                                A concerned voter

List of Commerce Committee Members

Rep. Paula Davis 225-362-5301

Rep. Stephanie Hilferty 504-885-4154

Rep. Chad Brown 225-687-2410

Rep. Kenny Cox 885-844-8583

Rep. Adrian Fisher 318-556-7001

Rep. Bryan Fontenot 985-447-0999

Rep. Jonathan Goudeau 337-347-7077

Rep. Kyle Green Jr 504-349-8788

Rep. Paul Hollis 985-871-4680

Rep. Edmond Jordan 225-925-3700

Rep. Vanessa Caston LaFleur 225-925-6880

Rep. Scott McKnight 225-465-5703

Rep. Candace Newell 504-240-3435

Rep. Thomas Pressly 318-862-9920

Rep. Vinney St Blanc III 337-828-7778

Rep. Phillip Tarver 337-475-8186

Rep. Polly Thomas 504-837-6559

Rep. Ryan Bourriaque 337-893-5035

Rep. Mark Wright 985-893-6262

Rep. Tanner Magee 985-858-2970

Rep. Clay Schexnayder 225-473-6016

Thanks for your help. Please reach out to me with any questions or comments.
Joe Cook

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Thanks, Joe

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