Hanging a Picture

In many situations, a leaky roof is worse than no roof at all.

If there’s no roof, we’re not surprised or disappointed if we get hit with some raindrops. But a roof that leaks has raised expectations and then failed to meet them.

Promising us a roof and then breaking that promise might be worse than no roof at all.

Blog post from Seth Godin

Are we falling short on our promises to our clients? Have we raised their expectations in order to get the sale, only to dash their hopes once we’ve got their money in hand?

Remember how we felt the last time we went to that new, fancy restaurant, the one all our friends had been raving about, only to be disappointed once we found out (the hard way) that they were serving average food for above average prices?

We don’t want to be in that business.

There’s no shame in providing an average product for an average price, if that’s our target market.

Just don’t promise that we hung the moon and the stars if we’re really not even capable of hanging a picture…

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