Guilty as Charged

We’re all guilty of concentrating all our efforts on bettering our product: the thing that we’re selling.

Whether we’re selling a service (acting as a real estate agent) or delivering a product (like a home inspection report), we put a tremendous amount of energy into making sure that we’re providing the best product possible.

And we’re doing it all wrong.

Instead of concentrating all our effort on our product itself, we should be putting most of our emphasis in making sure our business is the best that it can be.

Yes, our product is important, but even more critical is the vehicle that we use to deliver our goods.

If really doesn’t matter how “pretty” our product is, if there aren’t any customers walking through the front door.

The true product of a business is not what it sells but how it sells it. The true product of a business is the business itself.

Michael E. Gerber, The E-Myth Revisited

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