Groundhog Day

Does it feel like we’re inspecting the same house, over and over and over again?

Same stuff; different day?

Is it Groundhog Day, all over again?

Just another day at the office?

Well, maybe that’s our problem: treating what we do the same as every other job we’ve ever had. Get to work, punch the clock, go through our daily routine, clock out and head home.

But it’s not just another job, is it? It’s something more than that. It’s important. It’s a mission. It’s a calling. It’s helping someone make, what’s likely to be, the most important decision of their lives.

And we’re center stage.

So, why not act like we’re on stage? We’re the headliner; the feature attraction; the whole reason that everyone’s there. We’re putting on a show for our (paying) audience.

Instead of just going through the motions, why not put on a show that will have them standing in the isles clapping, yelling and screaming for more?

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