What’s Our Goals?

All businesses create a product, be it physical, digital, intellectual, or some combination of these three.

The question then becomes, if we’re the ones making this product, what’s our ultimate goal? What are we hoping to achieve with our creation?

We could be looking to make money, simply doing the bare minimum needed to turn a profit.

We could be trying to help our audience, using our creation to make things easier for them: an easier method, an easier life, an easier decision.

We could be altruistic, trying to use our product to lift up our clients, helping them attain something that they never thought possible.

Our intent is entirely up to us, the creator of our product. How it’s used, that part’s up to our audience.

Hopefully we’ve spent our energy making something worthwhile, something that helps our clients solve the problem that was the reason they sought us out in the first place.

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