Better, Better, Better

We should all aspire to learn as much as possible from our mistakes. Putting this idea into practice, however, remains a difficult hurdle for most of us to overcome.

As humans, often with fragile egos, we try everything in our power to guard our self-image. Our default mode is to try and justify anything we do that could possible be perceived as a mistake. We’re wired for self-preservation, and it’s difficult to get us to think otherwise.

If we try to reduce the number of times that we jump into defense mode, maybe defaulting to it a little less than we normally would, we can increase the amount of learning (from our mistakes) that we experience.

Small, incremental changes aren’t sexy. They don’t make headlines. We don’t broadcast them over the airwaves for everyone to marvel at, but they do make a difference. Any time we learn something new, no matter how small it may seem, we become better at what we do, we become a better business owner, and we become a better person.

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