Flighty Perfection

If asked to respond very quickly, we’d all likely say that we’d prefer something that’s the best in its class: the best car, the best software, the best cup of coffee in the area.

But, if given time to ponder such a question, most of us would likely change our answer to whatever is good and dependable.

It doesn’t do much good to have the fastest car ever made if it breaks down every time we take it out for a drive. The software with the most cool features doesn’t do us much good if our device locks up every time we use it. And the tastiest cup of coffee in town isn’t that great if the coffee shop’s closed every time we drive by.

Given a choice, most people would choose a good service that’s dependable over an amazing service that really hard to nail down.

Dependable quality beats flighty perfection every day of the week.

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