A Flash in the Pan

When most people start out in a new business, they try to generate a lot of buzz to get their name out there. They use some type of big marketing splash, cards and brochures everywhere, social media blast across networks, huge parties, hiring a skywriter (OK, no one really does that anymore…), to make sure that everyone knows that they’re the next big thing!

Making such a push can have some effect, but, most people don’t want something new. Research shows that while there’s always a group that wants the latest gee-whiz type gadget, most of us want something we know and trust.

Trust: that’s the key to long-term business success. Without the trust of our customers, we’re doomed to failure. But trust doesn’t come easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s got to be nurtured, seasoned, developed, and earned, and that takes time.

So, while we can choose to be a flash in the pan, we’re much better off maintaining a low simmer and building that trust as we work our way to a rolling boil.

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