Every Time

Give your clients exactly what they’re expecting.

Taken on face value, most of us would think this seems like good advice for running a successful company.

And we’d be wrong.

If we want to be successful, we’ve got to do more than meet expectations; we’ve got to exceed them.

None of us are wowed by a restaurant when we get our dinner prepared exactly like it’s supposed to be. We’re not delighted when a package is delivered on time. We expected those things to happen. Yes, we would have been upset if our expectations had not been met, but we weren’t blown away by the fact that someone provided exactly what they said they would. It’s what was expected.

If we really want someone to be impressed with us, if we want them bragging about our products and our service, if we want to create stark raving fans that become unpaid brand ambassadors, telling everyone they know about how great we are, doing what we’re supposed to do just isn’t enough.

We want our customers to come in with high expectations for our business, and we want to exceed them every time.

It’s just what great businesses do.

Every time.

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