Entirely Up to Us

If we’re in business long enough (usually a few days or so…), we’re going to run into problems. We’re going to have to deal with a customer who’s not happy with how things went.

As I’ve said before, it’s usually best to pay them to go away as quickly as possible and move on with our lives. But that doesn’t mean that we simply write the check and forget about it, although that’s what most companies do.

Every mistake we make (or thing that a client thought was a mistake but really wasn’t) is an opportunity for us to get better.

Get better at our job.

Get better at how we interact with the public.

Get better at how we educate our clients on what it is we do (and don’t do).

Get better at how we relay information to our customers.

We have a shot to get better every day of our lives. What we do with those moments is entirely up to us.

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