Making the Effort

Things are changing so fast nowadays that it can be difficult to keep up. Every day, it seems, there’s a new phone, a new app, a new social media channel. Some new technology that’s just begging for our attention.

All this change can be overwhelming, especially for those of us that are “chronologically challenged” (i.e.: old).

So, all too often, we retreat from the new things and stick with the status quo. We reason that what we’re doing is already working fine. Why should we change?

In case we haven’t noticed by now, change is the rule. Most things in our lives are different from how they used to be. We now carry supercomputers in our pockets, take pictures of everything without even thinking about it, and can instantly get in touch with almost anyone on the planet.

We’ve accepted all these changes, why should we be scared to make other updates to our methods when the opportunity comes along?

Yes, learning something new is often challenging. It’s hard to master a new skill. No pain, no gain, they often say. The process of growth is difficult and can often make us feel inadequate and ignorant, but it beats remaining ignorant (to new ideas and new things) every time.

It’s all right there in front of us, for the taking. All we’ve got to do is make an effort to reach for it.

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