Dream Crusher

Crushing someone’s dreams.

The deal killer.

Being the bad guy.

It’s one of the worst things about being a professional home inspector. No matter how good we are at our job, how creative we are at writing reports, or how empathetically we deliver our findings, eventually we’re going to be right there in the middle of things when someone cancels a contract to buy a house.

And there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s our job to tell our clients what’s wrong with the house.

Sooner or later, it’s bound to happen. Some houses are just too much for some buyers to handle. Sometimes, there’s just too many repairs to be made, and the numbers just don’t make sense. This house, in this neighborhood, at this price, with this much money needing to be spend on repairs, it just doesn’t work. It’s nobody’s fault; those are just the facts. Sometimes, the deal just doesn’t make sense.

And if you’ve never been the one to deliver this bad news?

Maybe you need to look at exactly what it is you’re supposed to be doing for your clients.

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  1. I feel that even though the sellers may not be your clients, in a sense, you’re working for them as well. Just as the buyers need to know what’s wrong with the house they’re buying, the sellers need to know what’s wrong with the house they’re selling. An inspection is more than a negotiating element between buyer & seller. It’s a health check for a home. And just as much as anyone would do what they could to keep themselves or their family or even their pet healthy, they should put the same effort into keeping their home healthy! In fact, I would go so far as to say that even if a homeowner doesn’t plan on selling their home, they should get a periodic inspection on their own anyway. Prevention is always the best cure! Not only can you rest assured that your home is healthy and safe, you can also rest assured that should you decide to sell, that there would be little to nothing you would have to worry about when an inspector comes to your home for a prospective buyer.

    1. Post

      Hey John,

      Thanks for the comment. That’s a great take on our job! Everyone involved has a stake in what we do, and (ideally) stands to benefit from a quality home inspection.
      It would be great if more homeowners looked to us as an ally, and realized that we can help them keep their homes in good working order.
      But the pre-sale (and while-living-there) inspection seems to remain the holy grail of our industry. Talked about, sought out, but never really quite within our grasp.
      But that doesn’t stop us from trying!


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