Hundreds of Dollars

Hundreds of dollars. That’s how much money most of our clients are paying us to do their home inspection.

And most of them are never going to even read their inspection report.

Sure seems like a waste. A waste of money (for them) and a wasted opportunity (for us).

We lose a chance to inform them, helping them understand what’s involved in the big decision they’re about to make (buying this house). We waste an opportunity to educate them, not only on their new house but on what it is we do (and don’t do) for them. And, most importantly, we lose the chance to turn them into a happy customer and lifetime advocate for us and our business.

If our clients aren’t reading our reports, maybe it’s time we figured out why and do something about it. If we don’t, that boring, overly technical, and unreadable report could end up costing us a lot more than a few hundred dollars.

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