The Dollar Store

New business owners often struggle to find customers. And to make matters worse, it’s a race against time: they’ve got to start showing a profit or they won’t be a new business owner for long.

The biggest mistake that most new entrepreneurs make is to cast too wide a net, trying to target anyone and everyone in their marketing plans.

It seems to make sense, the more people we go after the better chance we’ll have to land a client. But, unless you’re a massive telemarketing network, trying to get in as many people’s faces as possible, that’s usually not a recipe for success. (And we all know how effective those telemarketers are at getting us to buy things from them…)

If we can simply find our smallest viable audience, and create something that they’ll find irresistible, then we’ve done our job. Find enough people who care about what it is we do, give them a product that they simply must have, one that they can’t live without, and we’ll find our success.

Instead of offering an average product to average people, we should strive to make a remarkable product for equally remarkable clients. We’ll get better results, happier customers, have fewer problems down the road, and be able to sleep soundly knowing that we’re making a difference.

After all, why would we want to operate a dollar store when running a successful high end retailer is so much more rewarding?

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