If I Had 30 Days

Do we have any idea how much time we waste each day? Looking at social media. Browsing the web. Checking our emails. Flipping the channels. Scanning our messages. Watching another cat video…

Hours and hours each day. Depending on which study we look at, we waste about 2-3 hours every day doing things that don’t help our bottom line. Figuring a 5 day work week (and how many small business owners actually work only 5 days a week…) that’s 15 hours a week; 60 hours a month; 720 hours a year. 720 hours divided by 24 hours equals 30 days.

30 days.

We waste, on average, 30 days a year doing nothing but bullshitting around. Checking Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or whatever else comes across our field of view.

30 days.

Imagine is we had 30 days all to ourselves. I’m sure we could do something quite productive in 30 days that would have a profound impact on the rest of our lives.

Learn something.

Create something.

Build something.

Do something.

It’s your 30 days.

What are you going to do with them?

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