In the Dark

We may think that there are many different reasons why our clients hire us. We can rattle off a laundry-list of benefits that we offer them.

In reality, there’s really only one reason that matters: we know something that they don’t. We’ve got knowledge of a specific subject that they need, but don’t have the time, money, or inclination to learn.

We’ve got it. They need it, and we can’t afford to forget that.

We need to always work from the standpoint that our clients don’t share in the same knowledge that we do, and it’s our job to help them understand the unknown.

Businesses that take the time to walk their clients through to the other side, that take their hand and guide them along the journey to understanding, are the businesses that prosper.

A confused client, that has no idea what’s happening and no clue what it is they’ve paid for, is a dangerous thing. And in today’s always on, always connected digital world, we leave our clients in the dark at our own peril.

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