Cramming for the Big Test

At one point or another in our lives, we’ve all crammed for a test. The night before (or right before) a big exam, we tried our best to learn a whole bunch of information in a really small amount of time. We know that we’d have been better off studying a little bit of the material every day, taking in the information in small-sized, manageable lessons that are more conducive to learning. But there we were anyway, trying (likely in vain) to do everything all at once.

It’s too bad that some of us run our businesses (and our lives) in the same way; knowing that slow and steady wins the race, but running full speed ahead anyway.

It’s likely that we’re in this for the long haul. Maybe that’s the mindset that we should be taking, and plan our marketing (and our lives) accordingly.

The race is not to the swift… but to he that endures to the end.

Ecclesiastes 9:11; Matthew 24:13

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