Becoming Consistent

No one wants you to be authentic; they want you to be consistent.

Seth Godin

Almost every one of us are doing a job that’s similar to the one of someone else. There are very few people in the world that are doing something truly unique. We’re all replicating the work of those that have gone before us, which means that the vast majority of our customers aren’t looking for us to surprise them.

They’re didn’t hire us to amaze them with something that they’ve never seen before; they hired us because they knew we were going to give them what they needed.

Most customers aren’t seeking novelty, they’re looking for consistency. They want the safety that comes with knowing that we’re going to deliver what they want, when they want it. Every single time.

As we embark on this new and exciting year, instead of grasping for straws and making dozens of resolutions that we’re unlikely to keep, why not commit to do something we’re already doing?

Why not resolve to put in the work necessary to be better at what we do?

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