Our goal, as home inspectors, is to deliver important information. Unfortunately for us, an in-person discussion is often the worst way to do it. Presenting important information digitally (written in a report, recorded on a video, or archived on a website) is a much more effective way to get our point across.

If we’re going to interact with someone in person, face to face, mano a mano, our overriding goal should not be to relay information, but to convey emotion. We should be working to make an impression; seeking to make a change in our customers; doing our best to drive home the idea that our sole purpose in life is to help them get through the stressful situation that is buying a new home.

We’re there to perform; to put on a show. Our clients can get all the black and white information they need from the “hardcopy” that we produce for them.

Talking to us is the only time they’re going to experience empathy. Inspectors that know how to connect with their customers will have success, and those that don’t, well, they won’t be on stage for too long.

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