A Comfortable Life

We all seek what’s best for us in the moment. We’d love to live a continuously pleasant and serene life.

But, we know that’s not reality. Our problems surround us on all sides, pressing in like the oppressive heat of a cloudless summer day in the tropics.

We’d prefer if we could make our lives easier, but we know that we must face adversity if we’re to ever grow.

Maturity is realizing that sometimes we must endure short-term adversity in order to realize benefits in the long-term. We should have the foresight to look to our future selves as a source of inspiration, as in the future we’ve already faced and overcome our current hurdles. Imagine, for a moment, what things our future selves did to work past our issues, and use those solutions to help us conquer today’s hardships.

A comfortable life is wonderful, but overcoming difficulty is the surest way to success.

True self-discovery begins where your comfort zone ends.

Adam Braun