Gas Station Coffee

We’re making it, but obviously we’d like to be making more.

The internet abounds with money advice, most of which revolves around cutting back on frivolous spending (buying fancy coffee every day?) and socking that money away for a rainy day.

But what if we enjoy our fancy coffee and the resultant caffeine boost that kick-starts our day?

While small little changes in our financial lives can make a difference, if we really want to make more, we’ve got to do something more dramatic than switching to cheap gas station java.

We’ve got to earn more for what we do.

If we upgrade our offerings and make our services indispensable to our clients, they’ll gladly pay more for the solution to their problems.

If we’re the only one who can do it the way our clients want it, where else can they go to get what it is they need?

Stop selling; start helping.

Zig Ziglar

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