Being the Chaos

For better or worse, we find ourselves stuck in a hierarchical world, where we’re arranged according to our (perceived) importance.

If we look around us, we can see people at different levels/stages of life and career, with those people at the bottom working to move their way up the hierarchy.

In general, there are two different personality types we find inhabiting this ladder of life. One type are the people who relish their own hierarchical role and take pleasure in the knowledge that there are other people “beneath them.” The second type of personality (which is likely where I find myself) belongs to the people who find themselves lower down the totem pole, and who relish in upsetting the status quo by working to help their cohorts all move up the ladder.

Why should we be content where we are when we can piss off the people “above” us by bringing everyone else along for the ride?

Chaos breeds genius…

B.F. Skinner

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