Under the Bridge

When we were kids, trolls were scary creatures that lived under the bridge in grand fairy tales. We were scared of them, but we (hopefully) knew that they were make-believe.

Today, trolls seem to be all around us. They do their best to push our buttons; to get under our skin; to provoke a reaction. They exist for the sole purpose of starting a fight.

Just as it makes no sense for us to try to get into a physical confrontation with a mythical creature living under a bridge, it makes no sense for us to engage in an intellectual confrontation with a creature whose sole purpose is to irritate us.

Nothing can be gained from arguing with someone who has no solid opinion. If their only firmly held belief is that they enjoy arguing, accurate facts will make no difference in the “conversation”.

If someone can be swayed by facts, then we can enter into a lively discussion and debate.

If they’re nothing but a troll, don’t waste your time. Send them back under the bridge where they belong.

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