Pushing the Boulder

At one point or another, we all get frustrated. Frustrated by the effort. Frustrated by our apparent lack of success. Frustrated by the seemingly endless walls we need to scale. Frustrated by all of it.

We may think we’re alone, but it’s not just us; it happens to everyone. Even the most successful people in the world feel frustration.

So, what’s the difference between them and us? Why are we constantly feeling like Sisyphus, endless laboring, pushing that boulder up the hill, only to have it roll back down, leaving us to start all over again?

The difference is that successful people have figured out what to do with their frustration. They’ve figured out how to get past their fears. They’ve figured out how to keep moving, no matter what their brain is telling them.

It’s futile to think we’re ever going to get rid of our frustration and fear. The question is: will we be able to keep working even thought we’re scared? Will we be able to keep moving ahead even when we get frustrated? Will we be able to do the hard work, when every fiber of our being is telling us to turn back?

We can always take the easy way out. People do it all the time. It’s the standard move for almost everyone else.

The real question is: do we want to be just like everyone else?

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