Blessed is the Man

When we open our mouth, all too often, we don’t know when to close it back up again.

Talking just to hear ourself talk, it used to be called.

Sometimes we just don’t know when to shut up, and it happens a lot when we’re not 100% confident in what we’re saying.

We figure if we just keep on bloviating, maybe our clients will simply be impressed by the sheer volume of our words and not key in on our lack of a concise answer to their question.

Wouldn’t is be better to simply explain that we think we know the answer, but want to do a bit more research so that we don’t tell them anything that’s wrong?

Seems like an honest answer would be better than talking until they can’t take it anymore.

Or, we could just make sure we know what the hell we’re talking about in the first place.

Blessed is the man that maketh short speeches, for he shall be invited to speak again.

Dale Carnegie

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