No matter where we look, there are plenty of people waiting (impatiently) to correct us, happily telling us what we’re doing wrong. There’s plenty of bosses, coworkers, friends, family members, boards, panels, advisory committees, clients, and competitors, falling all over themselves to tell us how we’re not fitting in.

This world is great at doing one thing: reinforcing the status quo. Everyone else wants us to be just like them. They don’t want anyone to stand out. They don’t want anything different. They want everything to be the same. Standard. Uniform. Bland. Drab.

It’s the mantra of boring people (and boring clients): “It’s easier to choose if there’s really no choice.”

Are we content to be just like everyone else, working with the same bottom of the barrel clients? If not, what are we doing to force our potential customers to think; making it difficult for them to simply settle for the status quo?

No one’s going to push us to take a stand. That’s not the way it works. It’s got to come from within.

What are we waiting for?

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